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Evidence Audio Demo

Play each clip on its own several times in order to grow accustomed to how the fundamentals and harmonics are captured in the recording. Once you are familiar with how one of the recordings sounds, then do the same repetitive listening with the other clip. You may find it useful to concentrate only on a short (10 second) sample of each piece.

Once you have listened to each recording several times, then alternate between the two for comparison.

Evidence Audio Lyric, Slap (285k) vs.
Monster Cable Performer 500 Bass, Slap (284k)


Evidence Audio Lyric, Chords (265k) vs.
Monster Cable Performer 500 Bass, Chords (266k)

While subtle at first, you may recognize that one cable causes a blurring and artificial thickening of the fundamental tone and obscures the openness of the harmonic frequencies. Once these differences in articulation are identified, it becomes very simple to recognize them on subsequent listening sessions – even on most PC speakers and in spite of the aggressive nature of MP3 compression.

These MP3 files were recorded using a Sadowsky Vintage 5 string bass plugged into an Avalon U5 preamplifier connected to a M-Audio Duo USB Soundcard. Each clip was played once using an Evidence Audio Lyric cable, and then again using a Monster Cable™ Performer 500 Bass™ cable. The MP3 files are of Bass Guitar recordings which are simple enough to allow some clear differences to be heard once you know what to listen for.

These sound files were played and recorded by Todd VanSelus, of . The use of these recordings is by permission.


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