Over the years some kind things have been said in print and on the Internet. Below is a collection of awards, thoughts and reviews on the tools offered by Evidence Audio.

gpep audipro-award guitaristchoice_120pxGP Readers Chioce EXHardware

A very effective and inexpensive tone improvementSIS Review
I say without any reservation that as of this writing Evidence Audio is pushing the market forward in ways that are unmatched.” Expert Review
“I can’t imagine why you’d want to go to the extra effort of firing up the soldering iron.” Expert Review
“The connection of the SIS plug is very sturdy… Just keep screwing!” SIS Plug Review Dutch Text (164kb JPG)
“It was simple to build cables but more practically, the (SIS) connector is SOLID – I pulled on it and could not pull the cable out of the connector. I’m convinced.” Full review at The Gear Page Webzine
“…it seems the cable biz has morphed into an impotent version of the Wine Spectator…” TheForte (2.2mb PDF)pdf
“It takes bravery, not bravado, to use an Evidence Audio cable” Full review at Scientific Aesthetic
“Tony Farinella is a legend” (lolz) Making Connections (320k JPG)
“…may well drive seriously afflicted tone freaks to draw a warm bath… and break out a straight razor.” The Monorail (440k)pdf
“5/5: Looks as good as it sounds” Winner’s Circle (134k)pdf
“Sonically it gave excellent results” Leads Feature (153k)pdf
“some of the best cables on the market” Interview
“The Truth About Audio Cables” Interview (560k)pdf
“Evidence Audio cable is one of those great products.” Australian Guitar (303k)pdf
“The tonal clarity we experienced… …was staggering.” Total Guitar Review (341k)pdf
“…it allowed my own guitar and amp to be all that they could be.” Guitar One Review (309k)pdf
“…this could be the last cable you ever need to buy; it’s that good.” Guitarist Choice Award (252k)pdf
“Fight for the potatoes! Fight for the potatoes!” Full interview and review (434k)pdf
“so this is how my guitar and amp really sounds like… Wow!” Interview
Guitarist Magazine, August 2004“Like having your ears syringed — everything just sounds better: tighter, more articulate bass and purer, sweeter trebles.”Guitarist Choice Award (181k)pdf
Guitar Player, March 2004 “In short, the Evidence Audio Lyric HG delivers all the goods in an impressive fashion, and it earns a well-deserved Editors’ Pick Award.” Editor’s Pick Award (352k)pdf
2004 Readers Choice Award, Best Accessory: Lyric HG Instrument Cable Full story (255k)
David Gilmour: Plugged Full Interview
“The cable made a very solid impression” Full review on Acoustic Guitar’s site

“The Evidence Audio Lyric is a reasonably priced cable with faithful dynamic response and smooth-textured solid fundamentals — and that’s music to budget-conscious bassists’ ears.” Full review (276 k)pdf

“Evidence Audio cables are fast becoming the choice of bass players around the world” Interview (26 k)pdf

“I knew I was hooked” Full review on site

“I drove a hundred miles in one direction to test my setup against Evidence cable. If Evidence cable didn’t win I would have still wrote this review for enticing me to waste my time and gas for nothing.”Customer Testimonials
“Amazing results with superb definition and screaming harmonics.”Full review (39k PDF)pdf

“It’s just a damn good sounding cable that will increase the strength of your tone and accuracy of your instrument.” Full review (426 PDF)pdf
Guitar Magazine (Japan), October 2009 “It’s like delivering guitar sound to an amplifier as it stands. “Review (383 kb PDF File, Japanese Text)pdf
Player (Japan), July 2006“Excellent phase characteristics with a clear, focused sound image”Review (126kb PDF File, Japanese Text)pdf
Studio (Sweden), March 2005“Rarely do you hear such a big difference like this when you compare two mic preamps. Amazing!”Side Bar (674 kb PDF File, Swedish Text)pdf
GuitarThai (Thailand), February 2006“I like very much using this cable (Melody) with any amp”Review on Guitar Thai’s site
Musician Society (Thailand), February 2006“It’s a perfect design (Lyric HG) to make each musical note clear, balanced and precise”
Audiopro (Indonesia), March 2004“If the ‘best sound’ is your life’s objective, then you don’t have any other choice.”Full Review (275kb PDF File, Indonesian Text)pdf
Bass Magazine (Netherlands), January2003“Should you still not get the point: Run for this baby!”Full review (333 kb PDF File, Dutch Text)pdf
Stereo Sound (South Korea), Winter 2004“The Lyric HG offers unrefutable attractiveness.”Full review (357 kb PDF File, Korean Text)pdf
Stereo Sound (South Korea), Autumn 2004“I was surprised at the excellent performance of the Siren.. we can’t find another cable this nice, at such a price.”Full review (190 kb PDF File, Korean Text)pdf
Stereo Sound (South Korea), Summer 2004“I doubted that tonal quality could be improved by a power cable but this review has been a very fresh experience for me.”Full review (84 kb PDF File, Korean Text)pdf

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