“Everything I do is voiced with the same goal in mind. All my cables are precisely engineered and designed to “disappear” without imparting their signature on the signal path. To use a visual analogy, a perfect cable would be like looking through a clean window, free from distortions and coloration. Our cables are balanced without emphasizing any frequencies, always friendly to the music to keep you engaged.  There are several options to choose the right cable depending on your application.  

Evidence Audio will get you to the next level, so you can hear your music (or any instrument) the way it should sound.


The Melody

Most audio cables are coaxial – a wire in the middle for positive and a surrounding shield for ground. There’s not much difference between them. The Melody is different. It’s a coax cable using a center conductor and shield that are optimized for audio quality. It’s going to pass signal between any two pieces of gear without adding irritating distortions in the highest frequencies, or blurring details in the midrange. Recorded voice will more easily convince you it’s real. Percussion will be fast and articulate. If you’re playing guitar the conductive shielding will keep it quiet when you move around or drag it across the floor, and everything your fingers do on the strings will come off the speaker.


The Lyric HG

The Lyric HG is a reference-level cable that disappears from the signal path. It’s got the right amount of shielding but only to protect your signal from noise -- not to carry your audio signal. The audio is carried by TWO audio-optimized conductors: one for positive and one for negative. This uncommon approach presents your music with much better dynamics. Notes come out of a blacker background for the sense if a higher signal to noise ratio. Dynamics come alive and as many people simply put it, “there’s more there". This semi-balanced design also creates a three-dimensional quality to the music that helps with imaging and a sense of space between on a micro level between individual notes of a chord and a macro level between individual instruments in an ensemble. The Lyric can be run balanced to benefit applications which require it in recording and playback. While a bit on the stiff side, many people who use it with guitar are amazed to hear what their fingers, pick-ups, and amplifiers truly sound like.

The Reveal

The Reveal is much like the Melody but solves the problems associated with strand interaction a different way. Where the Melody uses a single solid-core conductor to eliminate strand interaction, the Reveal uses a stranded conductor of ultra-high purity copper with an insulative coating on each individual strand. This design approach gives you a cable that’s a serious upgrade over traditional coaxial designs but retains the flexibility and physical handling properties of a typical stranded cable. Great for any single-ended applications for recording, playback or with instruments that will be moved around a bit more. Where the Melody would be great for a lap-steel guitar or upright bass, the Reveal would make better sense for an electric guitar on stage or bass player who wants to crowd surf.

The Forte

The Forte is quite like the Lyric in that it’s using two audio-optimized conductors for the audio signal and the shield to block noise from entering them. What you hear is more an indication of what other cables take away from the signal path than anything Forte adds to it. Compared with typical cables one could be led to believe that the Forte adds a very slight gain stage to the signal path; in reality other cables are muting information across a range of frequencies. The Forte is transparent and neutrally balanced to work why any associated equipment. There is no trying to “match” the right cable for what you’re connecting it to. With the Forte you simply hear your associated equipment and music as it is. A key difference between the Lyric and the Forte is the similar difference between the Melody and Reveal. The negative effects of strand interaction are solved by insulating the individual strands of the conductor instead of using single solid core conductors. What does this mean? Reference-level playback and recording in a flexible and rugged package suitable for any environment.

The Siren

Music is music whether amplified or not, and when you compare variables in material quality, stranding and geometry between an amplifier and a speaker, you hear the same things you hear between a microphone and a pre-amp. The Siren speaker cable goes between an amplifier and speaker and lets the music play in an open, dynamic way that breaths without congestion, irritating high frequencies, or muted and damped low frequencies robbed of speed and articulation.

The Source

AC power quality is one of the most variable and archaic inputs to a power supply, and further challenged by radio frequency noise that can enter the cable from a myriad of sources. While modern power supply can mitigate a lot of these noises, any noise that is introduced by an inferior AC cable can mask subtle details in the audio presentation. In addition, most typical AC cables are not designed to transfer the large and variable power demands from an amplifier without losses in current or without signal modulation. The Source cable can do so in such a way that transients and dynamics are presented with presence and authority and simultaneously unmask distortions that quiet the background and allow subtle experiences such as sustain to ring out much longer in duration. Be it a DAC, a powered studio monitor or amplifier the Source AC power cable is a meaningful upgrade to any power supply

The Monorail

The Monorail is a coaxial cable that embodies many of the important design features of the Evidence Audio family of cables in a small diameter cable. This allows you to replace smaller cables that are causing distortions with a better-sounding option, where the larger and heavier cables won’t fit. Examples include on pedalboards where space is at a premium, in rack system where every ounce matters, or inside the cavity of a guitar for its wiring harness.


Like Monorail, Blackrock is designed to sound great and fit in tight spaces. Where Monorail uses a single solid-core conductor to carry the audio, Blackrock instead uses a stranded conductor where each of the individual strands are insulated from each other with an enamel coating. Blackrock solves the audible problems of strand modulation of the signal but does so while being extremely flexible. Where every bit of flexibility counts, Blackrock can offer a serious upgrade in audio quality and be at home in any physical environment.