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Rod Castro Interview
Rod Castro Trusts Evidence Audio Cables
Greyson Grimes discusses how and why he uses Evidence Audio cables for his guitar and his microphone.
Tony Farinella Inside Story No 33
Tony talks about one of his biggest memories on a big stage.
SIS Patch Cable Delivers
James Hamilton-Happy To Be Here -tells us why he uses the SIS patch cable system.
The Evidence Guitar Cable
Hear about the evidence guitar cable and microphone cable and how they make your music sound the best.
Coy Bowles talks about why he likes the sis patch cable kit system and his forte guitar cable for his studio.
Paige Hamilton Interview
Paige Hamilton discusses Evidence Audio
Assembly Instructions
That pedal show Talks About the SIS Patch Cable Solutions.and how easy it is to use and assemble.
SIS Right Angle Plug Assembly Instruction.
Tony shows you how to use the SIS Patch Cable System.
That Pedal Show has 30 seconds to explain the SIS Patch Cable Solutions.
SIS Straight Assembly patch cable system.
Patch cable system.
Rod Castro Sessions Guitarist
Rod explains his affinity for the Evidence Forte cable.
Page Hamilton Review
Page Hamilton Reviews Evidence Audio Cables.
The Pedal Show Review
In depth review of the SIS DIY patch cable system.
Greyson Grimes talks about the Lyric HG microphone cable.
Hear The Difference
Listen to the track recorded with Evidence Audio Mic and Guitar cables along with the SIS solderless Patch cable on the pedal board. Greyson Grimes and James Hamilton tell it like it is and why they choose Evidence Audio.
Kris Barocsi YouTube Host
Kris Discusses why cables are so important to your set up. He gives you the reasons why Evidence Audio is #1 for many cable products.
Review SIS by Justin
Why Justin Likes Evidence Audio Patch Cable System On His Pedal Board Builds.
Review SIS by Justin
Why Justin Likes Evidence Audio Patch Cable System On His Pedal Board Builds.