Source AC Power Cable

Source AC Power Cable

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Think power cables don't make a difference? Think again.

The Source AC Power Cable is a remarkable upgrade to the power supply of any amplifier or audio component.

Solid IGL™ copper conductors replace the only stranded conductors in the power delivery system.

Hot and neutral conductors are composed of four isolated cores each in a helical array around the earth conductor.



High-purity proprietary IGL copper conductors for distortion-free midrange and
high frequencies.

Solid-core conductors eliminate the negative effects of strand interaction on the AC signal.

100% shielding blocks noise and bleeds to ground.


The Source comes with standard with a Wattgate™ 320i IEC connector on the output side, and a Wattgate 5266i US Wall Plug. Both are cryogenically treated.


**For any other length or plug requirements please contact us for a custom quote**
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